Small but perfectly formed!

Small but perfectly formed!

No this isn’t a post about Christine but instead about something much less glamorous, a battery charger!

Sometimes we get an item of stock that particularly impresses and this is certainly one of them, I have been playing around with one to maintain the battery on one of my classic cars and to my delight (and slight dismay at wasting my money on a much more expensive one in the past!) I found it performs superbly – far better than you might expect for its’ modest price tag!

I have researched some review sites and found this review from a gentleman whose talents are clearly wasted but it does confirm my thoughts:

This charger is perfect for battery maintenance and was tested as below:

Voltage Current
12V 1.5A
13V 1.2A
13.2V 1.1A
13.4V 1.0A
13.6V 0.9A
13.8V 0.75A
Current then stays roughly constant up to the cut-off point at 14.15V.
This is below the gassing voltage so will not damage the battery.

Charging Cut-off Voltage 14.15V
Charging Restart Voltage 12.98V

Note: This charger does not give a constant voltage float charge,
instead it charges the battery to the Cut-off voltage, waits for it to
drop back to the Restart voltage and then repeats the cycle. This is
a perfect alternative and ensures the battery is always fully charged.

Mains Power Consumption:
Rated Power Quoted is 30W, presumably at 1.5A and 12V output.
Measured Power while topping up a charged battery is 14W approx.
Measured Power when Green “Charged” LED is ON is under 4W.
Average Power consumed 7W (approx. 1/3 charging and 2/3 not charging)

In a Boat Marina setting where power may fail in winter it is critical
that the charger does not discharge the battery significantly. Load on
battery when mains disconnected:

Current From Battery when Green “Charged” LED is ON is 40mA.
This stops when the voltage drops to 12.98V which is above the normal
fully charged voltage so will not cause significant discharging.
Current From Battery when Green “Charged” LED is OFF is only 0.6mA !!

Conclusions are that this charger is perfect for long term battery
maintenance and can handle mains failure without discharge unlike
many other chargers. It also has very low mains power consumption.

I you would like on of these beauties, click the link below.

Streetwize 12v Trickle Battery Charger For Gel/Acid Batteries

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