The upcyclers ? Maybe not, come on folks, clean your act up !

The upcyclers ? Maybe not, come on folks, clean your act up !


As you probably realise we attend a lot of car boot sales and I like the principle of them in that they offer buyers a great choice of new and used goods and also generally they are ecologically sound in that they are great for upcycling but I must admit I get really disappointed at the mess left behind by some traders.

I was at Tralee on Sunday in the most beautiful setting and I had a decent day trading although I was fairly surprised when people started packing up at 12.00, now I had a good 2 hour drive back home so I thought I’d have a spot of lunch before packing as the weather was lovely, I actually got a bit more business and the best customer of the day came to me then so it was worth waiting. Anyway I got busy packing and only when I was ready to go did I notice the scenes in the pictures, this is the junk that was left by other traders, I guess if it doesn’t sell they just leave it behind to me this is just not good enough and makes a great job of totally negating all the positives of car boot sales.

One thing I will always guarantee you is that we leave nothing behind and I’m conscious of our carbon footprint, our famous van has full solar power in the rear so no noisy generator for us! Chris in particular is on a zero waste crusade and so we are hoping to make an announcement on a whole new product line very soon.

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