Tried and tested by us!

Tried and tested by us!

As you might know one of our hobbies is our campervan called Kurt, Kurt is very dear to us as we’ve known each other a long time in fact since 2001 when we bought him as a high spec minibus for our coach tour business he was a great servant and when we sold the business in 2011 we couldn’t bear to part with him so we came up with the idea of converting him into a motorhome. We hit on the idea of looking for a scrap caravan to act as a donor for the interior and we soon found an ideal one so with the help of a few friends, one of which happens to be a woodworking genius the conversion took shape and indeed it ended better than we could have hoped. Now whenever we can we get away for a few nights and Kurt is often used as overnight accommodation when we attend shows.


Kurt as a minibus


Now as a motorhome

Having our own motorhome is also great for testing many of the products that we sell indeed lately I have been doing a fair bit of work. One of the first things we used was a Cello 12 volt TV, we opted for the 24″ smart model which has been fabulous, we love music videos so more often than not we watch Youtube, because we love music we found the speakers in the TV were OK but not really punchy so we have now added an Intempo Sound bar and the difference is amazing.



24″ smart TV with soundbar, ideal for browsing your favourite website!

The next upgrade we took from stock is the Streetwize 12V Cyclone 2 Twin Oscillating Power Fan this has proved to be a great addition in the hot weather of late, classic Mercedes aren’t renowned for their fresh air system so this worked a treat!


These are great value, nice and quiet to

Interior lights were really due an upgrade next 2 of the original bus type light fittings were left and we wanted to keep them so I decided to add LED strip lights to replace the old very yellow bulbs, these are actually intended to be car daytime running lights but they proved to be ideal, we will have stock of these very soon, I’m well impressed by the samples.



Bulbs removed and 2 x LED strips added

The original courtesy light was also very dim so I thought it would be a great test for our new Bright White 42 LED Interior Lamp 12V, these come with a switch for door switched, off or permanently on so fitting was dead easy and the light is fantastic, I’m an LED convert, also it’s worth remembering that these are very low power consumption so they are perfect for motorhome use, they are very kind to your leisure battery!


I can read a book now ! 

So there you have it a few cheap and cheerful modifications and additions that really transform your camper or motorhome, if you need any info on anything get in touch, we really do mean it when we say tried and tested !

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