Difficult times for everyone.

Difficult times for everyone.

I’m sure you wont need us to tell you about the crisis from the Corvid 19 virus that we are in the middle of in Ireland. The government has taken drastic action in closing schools and banning meetings of more than 100 people indoors and 500 people outdoors as well as promoting self isolation for anyone with any symptoms.

These measure are tough but I feel justified but it gives small businesses like us a real dilemma, do we still go to what markets are open at the moment or do we try to lock down for a while even if it costs us dearly? At the moment our position is that we aren’t attending any events for at least a week and we will see how the situation develops, much as I would like to think that our products are vital to survival in truth they aren’t really!

I understand the problems these recommendations are giving to organisers of markets and events, and I can see two sides to the story, on one hand many people feel we all should stay at home as much as possible and all events and markets should be cancelled, on the other hand it could be argued that if markets can’t go ahead then surely the same applies to shopping centres and supermarkets.

I’m now going to disappoint you all by saying that I’m not sure which view I support but to be honest this week we took the decision not to return to work after our break fairly easily, we have a lot of stock to sort but I have a feeling that next week the position might be made clearer, as ever I would appreciate, you, our customers to give us your thoughts and feedback.

The good news though is that our website is back up and running and new stock is being added, remember free delivery is available on all orders over €30.00. Also I’m currently working on expanding our range into used camper parts, we have a couple of vehicles in for breaking with some great stuff that will suit the DIY converter or any one looking for parts for existing campers, also I have a few bits left over from when converted our beloved camper, Kurt.

So, its survival mode for us at the moment and as ever will keep you all posted of developments through our website and facebook, please do give us your thoughts and feedback.

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